2-10-2015 fishing report LOTW,Whitefishbay, Crow Lake.

We experienced 4-5 inches of snow last night 2-10-2015. There is about 12-13 inches total snow on LOTW, Whitefishbay and Crow Lake. There will be more snow in your deep bays with some slush, so always be aware of where you stop your sled. There is about 20-24 inches of ice on the lakes, with the additional snow I would suggest using an extention on Whitefish Bay.There will be more snow in different areas because of drifting. With the additional snow it will make going to those back lakes a easier ride.

Fishing hasn’t been as successful as early January. One group did well off of steep rock in 70 feet depths. Others found fish in the mud flats in 20 feet. We are still using the same old lures as the past few years. 4inch white and glow tubes, the Sebile vibrato greenie is still doing well. If you want to try something new, I would look for anything that vibrates in pink glow for trout fishing.

Crappie fishing has been really good this year, in town off of Gordies and at the private landing. If I find out any more details on where the trout are I will share that information. Caviar has been decent but smaller fish, Rowan and Whitefish have all been difficult to fish the past few weeks with fish at all different depths. I guess they call this fishing, I would be prepared to try anything and everything.

I will do my best to help you out,the more successful you are makes us look good, so I am not holding back any information. Good Luck and I will see you on the hard water.

Paul Trinkner Muskie Bay Resort 1-877-228-2076