Still Ice fishing 3-23-2013

We are in still in full icefishing mode. This season has been difficult with cold and warm fronts coming in continuously, with slush one day and great ice the next. Many trophy fish have been caught, there has not been a rhyme or a reason for the big fish being caught. I have used glow tubes, pink pearl pepper tubes, Vibrato, etc. I have fished shallow as 10 ft to 70 ft and have got fish or not. But if you love fishing as much as I do, you are out for the challenge and the adventure of catching a monster fish or perhaps dinner. I believe you can’t catch fish sitting on the couch, so the more holes you drill and the more time you put in is the answer to catching fish. You can’t tell my grandson Devin that, I have taken him out 3 times this winter and within minutes he has caught a fish, and not just a fish a few monster fish. I am afraid to taken him out sometimes that he will be disappointed in my abilities to find him fish. So, we are not all  7, we realize that it is just fishing. So, if you are looking for a challenge and perhaps an adventure, I hope you get a chance to still see me on the ice.

Crow Lake, Whitefish Bay, Lake of the Woods, Rowan Lake, Caviar,

March 2013 Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is still going strong, we have about 3 more weeks of ice fishing left.  We have had an abundant amount of snow and ice this year, which we needed because of the water being so low this past year. It has been an amazing ice fishing season with some of the largest trout, pike, bass and muskie caught.

Bob 3-7-2013
Trout 2013 002
Kevin 3-7-2013
Devin's 45 inch muskie Jan 1st, 2013.
Devin’s 45 inch muskie Jan 1st, 2013.