Rowan, Dog Paw, Cameron, Caviar, Whitefish, Sabaskong and Crow Lake.

Where do you want to fish today?

Some of the best reasons you should stay at Muskie Bay Resort is we are in the middle of fishing heaven. You can go out to Rowan, Caviar, Whitefish Bay, Sabaskong… This past week we had groups going in different directions. Catching Lake Trout, Pike, Walleye, Perch and Crappie. It was a good time for all, the weather was great. The ice is about 20 inches as an average depth and with the warmer weather we have experienced some slush. Things are tighting back up with the cooler temps at night. There is enough snow to get the back lakes. And you can drive down your vehicles and trailers down to Stevens and Whitefish Bay, we have them plowed. Remember you need a key for Stevens Bay.

Why aren’t you here?

Why aren’t you here? The fish are MOVING!!! For opening day we had one group chasing Trout and landed 12 and missed another 5. Their largest was a 34″er. Another group Trout fishing needs a little coaching. They ended up with a 42″ and a 45″ Muskie on back to back drops! They were released immediately to make sure no slime, fins or gills got frozen. Gotta take care of these big girls so they get even bigger! Had one other guy bring 3 Lakers through the hole. Remember the new regs on Lakers with only 1 per day and 2 in possession. The Lake Trout season is off to a

great start and only about 270 more days to go! 

See you on the hard water

Paul Trinkner

Muskie Bay Resort



New Fishing Regulations for 2018

There are some important new fishing laws you should be aware of when you are in the Nestor Falls area:

Lake Trout: Standard Licence – 1 in one day, possession
limit of 2, not more than 1 greater than
65 cm (25.6 in.) and Conservation Licence – 1, any size. Live bait is prohibited on Whitefish Bay and only barbless, single hooks are allowed.

Walleye: Standard Licence is 2 per day with a possession limit of 4 and Conservation Licence is 2 total. Walleye and Sauger are considered the same and only 1 greater than
46 cm (18.1 in.) is allowed.

No changes for the other species. Here is a link to the 2018 rules for our area…/fishi…/2018/2018-fmz-5-english.pdf

If you have any questions give me a call at 1-877-228-2076 or my cell at 1-608-469-3644

Paul Trinkner

Muskie Bay Resort


Ice Fishing has begun.



Lake Trout has been open one day and everyone is catching fish but being tight-lipped so we will have to give it a couple of days for them to loosen up! Crappies: best bite is in the low-light periods in the morning and evening. Schools are scattered so it is best to move around a lot to find them and stay on them. Couple good year classes showing up so you will get a variety of sizes. Walleyes: best bite is just as it starts to get dark. As usual for up here, the best plan is to trout fish in the morning into early afternoon and then head over and chase crappies and walleyes in the evening.

Happy New Year to everyone!!

Lets fish hard water.

Paul Trinkner

Muskie Bay Resort