Come on up the water is hard!!

Well the ice fishing season has officially started. It has started with a bang with my grandson Devin fishing for lake trout and what a surprise for him and myself when he pulled out a 45 inch muskie and then right after the muskie he caught a 26 inch lake trout. Devin caught his muskie

It isn’t all about lake trout or even muskie, Donny caught this 44 inch pike. Donny has been coming up to Muskie Bay Resort for the past 13 years and he has this awesome ability to catch fish.

So, come on up the water is hard !!

Devin’s 45 inch muskie Jan 1st, 2013.

Donny’s 44 inch Pike Jan 2, 2013.

Many Seasons!!

We experience many seasons at Muskie Bay Resort and I enjoy them all. I prepare myself and look forward to getting ready for each. Getting out my favorite rods and reel for each species of fish.

Ice fishing is on its way, we are currently watching ice being made. I am preparing my snowmobiles and ice fishing equipment getting out my Hummingbird, Vexilar and the Strike Master. I am looking forward to purchasing the new Honda powered Strike Master this year.

When the ice melts and spring is on its way I look forward to the song of the Loons and frogs. I love the smell of the trees ,the fresh smell of rain, the warm summer sun, open water and the endless possibility of catching trophy fish.

As each season arrives, I look forward to hunting season the most. It has its rewards, as we approach fall I prepare for the hunt. I schedule myself many hours of scouting in the secluded remote bush. This year we have added trail cameras to our arsenal. It was exciting to catch monster bucks on the camera and then with in a week we harvested that buck.  Our hunting season was a lot of fun with many trophy deer.

Now that the election is finally over we can look forward to the economy to get better and the uncertainty has been lifted. We can start planning for our entitled vacation with still keeping things on a budget.  A trip to Canada is still an affordable vacation with seclusion, beauty, shore lunch, bonfires, star gazing, sport activity, family vacation.

As we approach the holidays I reflect on what I am thankful for. I wish to express my thanks to my guests and my family for a wonderful year. I have been so blessed with the chance to be able to serve those that come to Muskie Bay Resort.  This is my wife Chris and my 14th year of running Muskie Bay Resort and we look forward to many more.

Thorne Bros. Annual Portable Modification Event

  1. THIS SATURDAY: Thorne Bros. Annual Portable Modification Event will be running from 9:00-5:00!! EVERYTHING IN THE STORE WILL BE ON SALE!!!! This is your chance to see the new ice fishing product for 2012-2103, as well as save a bunch of $!!!
    I will be there!  Come and see me this Saturday, at Thorne Bros. I will be giving away a free trip to the annual Thorne Bros. ice fishing outing on January 24-27 2013 at Muskie Bay Resort.

Set A Date For The Thorne Bros. Outting

Thorne Bros Annual

Ice Fishing Outing

Jan 24-27, 2013

Muskie Bay Resort, Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada

     This has become an annual trip for us at Thorne Bros and we look forward to it         every year.  Paul, Chris, Jake and Ashley Trinkner and their staff do a great  job taking care of us.  This is an American Plan trip and we will have local guides bringing us to the hot spots.  As a group, we will decide what we want to do, but the basic plan will be as follows:

Show up on Thursday and fish or get your gear ready.  Supper will be provided.  Friday, we will get up and have a quick breakfast of donuts and/or rolls and hit the water early.  Lake Trout will be the primary target early in the day on Crow Lake and its surrounding lakes.  Conditions will dictate how far we will be able to travel.  We will come in for a hot lunch of sandwiches and/or soup and then head to Lake of the Woods for an afternoon of Crappie fishing.  At dark, we will come in and have a hot supper.  Saturday we’ll do the same, but that night we will have a dinner of Crappies and Lake Trout.  Sunday morning we’ll fish and then head home.

You will need a snowmobile or 4-wheeler (depending on snow/ice/slush conditions—snowmobile is usually preferred), a portable fish house (like a Fish Trap or similar), a flasher (Vexilar/Marcum/Hummingbird), heater/propane, ice scoop, warm clothes with waterproof boots (temps can get to less than –40F and have very slushy conditions) and the following recommended fishing tackle:

Lake Trout:    Thorne Bros 42” Professional Plus, Shimano 2500 to 4000 size spinning reel, P-line FluoroIce in 8# or 10#, ice rod case, #10 barrel swivels, 3/8oz tube jigs and 3”tubes in white-ish or glow colors, Sebile Vibratos, River2Sea Glassie and Deeper Vibes and a pliers.

Crappies:       Thorne Bros Panfish Sweetheart Plus, Tica SS500 spinning reel, 3#   P-line FluoroIce, ice rod case, Lindy #10 Fat Boys and #10 Genz/Ice Worms, Hali 25mm, Little Atom or other small plastics, #2 Jigging Rapala and a forceps.

The price for the Ice Outing is $400 USD.  Taxes not included.  To book your trip, contact Paul, Chris or Jake Trinkner at Muskie Bay Resort at 1-877-228-2076.  A $100 deposit is required.  For any other questions, contact Brett Erickson at Thorne Bros, 763-572-3782 or or check out our message board at

Frozen Fun For All!


Summer @ Muskie Bay!

July night trolling was great, August night trolling for muskie not quite as successful. Her is a photo of my wife Chris with a 44.  Lake Trout fishing has been fantastic. We have had a wonderful summer, kids going back to school and we are starting to think about deer hunting. Purchased a few nice trail camaras, going to try some different things this year. We still have openings for this years deer hunt, make it a fishing/small game/ deer hunt. Give us a call at 877-228-2076.

Brand New Website!

Thank you Jeremy @ for our new website!  We love the ability to integrate our social media & easily update our website and push out messages & notifications to our guests & potential customers!  The dashboard is so easy to use!  It really makes updating our website simple.  We’re excited for you to work on our search engine optimization!