Cabin Fever -Ode to Crow Lake

As winter seems to want to hang around a bit longer, I have to say I am starting to get cabin fever. If you are experiencing cabin fever it is time to get out of this slump. You need to start thinking about that vacation and make a reservation so that you have something to look forward to.

I am 51 years old and originally from Wisconsin, my family every year went on vacation to Canada. It was something I really looked forward to every year and I thought about all year. As the time came near I could only imagine the many lakes we would fish, the campfire we would have every night, cooking outdoors, the smell that only Canada seems to have, family time, board games, catching fire flies, catching frogs, staying up way after my bedtime and the experiences we would have as a family. I didn’t need anything to entertain me, I had the outdoors to amuse me and those memories still remain with me. Those memories stayed with me enough that I purchased a resort in Canada with my husband and my family. We have been here for 14 years and I now look forward to seeing you with your family and sharing my experiences with you. We now have 7 grandchildren that spend their summers at Muskie Bay Resort and I have to say that I love that they look forward to all the things I did as a kid on vacation in Canada.

Canada is still a remote, secluded, affordable and safe place to take your family. But it isn’t all about family,Paul this time of year, when he can’t get out to fish or work on his outside projects. Paul, looks at what he can purchase to catch that trophy fish that only Canada still seems to possess. He goes on line and dreams of the latest newest equipment and looks forward to open water. For Paul Canada is about the challenge and the endless hours of fishing.

Ode to Crow Lake was a poem written by Peter Albright. Peter Albright is a previous owner of Muskie Bay Camp. I love the poem and wanted to share with you what I have a hard time putting into words; Peter found and wrote them in a poem.

Ode to Crow Lake
By Peter Albright
There is a lake – with countless islands that are nameless.
And the inlets and bays all run heaven knows where;
Where shiner minnows and chubs dart through the beaver dams,
And Northern, Bass and Muskie spawn.
There is a lake-with forests unspoiled and still,
Where the blue waters are so cold and deep
sparkling in the sunlight so clear and clean;
Where schools of lake trout challenge a fisherman’s skill.
Just drifting or trolling with thoughts all his own,
With crows breaking the silence with loud raucous calls.
There is a lake-where graceful gulls wing their endless flights;
Screeching and squabbling over discarded delights,
While the fisherman enjoys his tasty shore lunch;
Stretches his legs with hat over his eyes or picks enough blueberries for a couple of pies,
With blazing sunsets you wouldn’t believe
And the loon’s lonesome call breaks the stillness of eve.
There is a lake-Oh! How it beckons and calls;
I want to go back to Crow Lake-
And I will.

So, get out of that slump and give us a call to make your reservation. Muskie Bay Resort Po Box 83 Nestor Falls, ON Canada. Paul and Christine Trinkner owners and operators