The end of Deer Hunting 2017.

Two good ones at the end of the 2017 deer hunt season. It was the coldest hunt that I could ever remember.

If you are going to come half way across the continent and freeze your butt off you might as well shoot a really big, fat whitetail! That is exactly what these boys from the state of Virginia did. If this ‘fat boy’ (and all the deer in our area are like this) is any indication, we are in for a ‘real’ winter. When they pack on the pounds like this, Mother Nature has told them to get ready because a hard winter is coming. This bodes really well for our ice fishermen and women!

That’s a wrap! After our coldest last week of the hunt in 18 years.

Thank you, all of you for coming and making it a memorable hunting season.

Happy Holidays to all of you and your families. Now on to Ice fishing!!