Fishing Gear Canada

Fishing Gear Canada

Fishing Gear Canada no night crawlers, no live leeches or minnows no frozen or salted. We have gas both mixed and regular), some tackle, and live bait available at the resort.

If you have a trolling motor and portable locator you may want to consider bringing them, they are nice for remote lakes and fly-ins (we have a limited supply for rent, call ahead to reserve) they are included on upgrade boat packages. Guests bringing their own boats and or reeling motors are encouraged to bring the own chargers (electrical hook-ups are provided at N/C).

Suggested Tackle-

Ontario Walleye Fishing

The ultimate in table fare and the highlight of the Canadian “Shore lunch”, walleye are extremely abundant in Sunset Country. Found in a variety of lakes and rivers, the average-sized Ontario Walleye are between 1 and 3 pounds. Of course fish over 30 inches in length and weighing over 10 pounds are a definite possibility. Jigging with live bait is the most common method of catching walleye. Big walleye are often caught at dusk while trolling with medium to deep diving crank baits. Bring a wide variety of tackle with you so you can adjust to changes in wind, light and temperature conditions.

Ontario Walleye – 6’ to 7’ spinning gear with 6-10# test line, optional bait casting gear with 10-12# test line for trolling and 1 to 2 to 2 and a half oz bottom bouncers, lindy rigs, spinner rigs and crawler harnesses (gold, silver, chartreuse, orange), jigs 1/16 to 3/8 for live bait, assortment of shallow and deep diver cranks (rainbow trout, silver, gold, perch or firetiger).

Ontario Bass

If you want some of the continent’s hottest action for Ontario Bass then a visit to Muskie Bay Resort is in order. Pound for pound, there is no better fighting fish so get ready for lots of wild jumping action. Ontario Bass are found in many lakes in our area. Ontario Bass prefer warmer rocky lakes with lots of shoals and reefs. You can catch Ontario Bass  with the same tackle you use back home but local favorites include tube jigs and small crank or spinner baits.
BASS – 6’7’ spinning gear with 4-8# test line, tube jigs, twisters, #1-#3 french or vibrex spinners, topwaters, chuggers, cranks, small spinnerbaits, 4″ worms, craws, and slugos.
near a deep drop

Ontario Pike

One of the most exciting and hardest fighting of all fish, the Ontario Pike can be found in almost any lake, Lake-of-the-Woods-White-Fish-Bay-Crow-Lake Ontario. With a look to match their demeanor, Ontario Pike will hit just about anything you throw at them. Average Ontario Pike are in the 6-8 pound range with the biggest fish reaching lengths over 40 inches and weighing more than 30 pounds. Big Ontario Pike are often found along the rocks near a steep drop off or along the edges of weed lines waiting for an unsuspecting bait fish to swim by. Big Ontario Pike will hammer muskie baits as well as large spoons so bring along some big tackle if a trophy fish is what you’re after..
Ontario Pike – 6’ – 7 1/2’ spinning or casting rod with 12-17# test, 1/2 to 1 1/2 oz, wire Lindy rigs and 1/4 – 3/4 oz jigs for live bait, spinner baits, spoons, large cranks and jerks (fire tiger always good all around color for Ontario Pike).

Ontario Lake Trout

Ontario Lake Trout 7’- 9’ trolling rod with level wind reel and 10-14# test line, (1/4-3/4 oz.) and flutter spoons or suttons (bl/slvr, wh, chart), cow bells and flies, husky jerks and other cranks in blue/silver. 6’ jigging rod with spinning or level wind and 10# test line, 1/2 – 2 oz. jigs (white, chartreuse, pink, blue, and gold ) swedish pimples, sonars, buzz bombs, zingers and cleos.

With so many deep cool lakes, Lake-of-the-Woods-White-Fish-Bay-Crow-Lake are excellent choices for Ontario Lake Trout fishing. Cast or troll in the shallows around 10-15′ in the spring. In mid-summer the trout go deep to between 40-100′.

Muskie Ontario

Sunset Country is without a doubt, one of the best destinations on the planet when it comes to  Muskie Ontario fishing. This “fish of 10,000 casts” is worth the effort. Once hooked, be prepared for a long, hard battle with this big predator. If you’re looking for that “once in a lifetime fish” it is a possibility that you’ll find it in one of our lakes, Lake-of-the-Woods-White-Fish-Bay-Crow-Lake. The  Muskie Ontario record muskellunge measured in at 58 inches in length and weighed 65 pounds. What sets muskie fishing in y apart is the number of muskie you’ll catch. The key to success is to have a well-stocked tackle box with a choice of top to bottom baits. Natural bait fish colors are always a good choice when deciding what to use and no bait is too big!.
Muskie Ontario 6 1/2’ – 7 1/2’ rod with high quality casting reel and 27-36# mono or dacron or 60-80# super line, 7’ – 9’ trolling rod with level wind reel and 20-40# test dacron or 60-80# super line, 7’ – 9’ trolling rod with level wind reel and 20-40# test mono, 12″ – 20″ – 100# mono or wire leaders for casting and 36″ – 40″ for trolling, large net or cradle, file for sharpening hooks, a long tape measure spinnerbaits, bucktails, topwater, cranks, jerks, and rubberbaits (some bright gaudy colors for sunny and natural and darker colors for overcast or windy days).

Ontario Crappie

Pan fish such as perch and black crappie are a favorite of many anglers. In Northwestern Ontario we have great fishing for both species. Black Ontario Crappie are abundant in Lake of the Woods and are a schooling fish. This gives anglers the opportunity to find a whole group of fish in a small area leading to a great day on the water. During the winter ice fishermen often fish for the tasty Ontario Crappie.

Ontario Perch

Ontario Perch are much more widely distributed and for kids, are really fun to catch. In the summer look for Ontario Crappie along deep weed lines and for Ontario Perch, in sunken timber and under docks. In the spring you’ll find black crappie and Ontario Perch concentrated in shallow bays where the water is warmer. Lake-of-the-Woods-White-Fish-Bay-Crow-Lake.

Ice- Out Trout Fishing

As the ice slowly melts away the ritual known as Ice-Out trout fishing is set to commence. Arguably one the seasons most enjoyable fishing pursuits, fishing for lake trout just after the ice goes out is a real treat. Normally, these fish are down deep below the first and often second thermocline any where from 50-100 feet below the surface. While you can still catch them fairly easily at these depths (with the right equipment and a little know-how), it is just not the same as spin casting for them in 10 feet of water.
The charm of this time of year is there is NO thermocline on the lake right after ice out – the temperature of the water is uniform throughout the water column and the lake trout can roam at any depth they choose. At this time of year you don’t even need a boat to catch Ontario Lake Trout, just cast your line from shore and you may have a 10-pounder bite your hook. While what lure to use is often a personal choice, we recommend you have lots of “flash” in your presentation – silver and gold are probably the best choices but bright yellow or black and silver combos also seem to work well. You may also want to rig up a spinner “train” and put a frozen cisco on the end of the line – the Ontario Lake Trout just can’t seem to resist it!
Whatever rig you decide to use, the idea is to just get out on the lake for the first time after a long winter, enjoy the warmth of the sun and catch a big fish. These Ice-Out trout fishing have beautiful firm meat and they taste excellent when you have them for shore lunch
Ice-Out trout fishing  is just one of the many reasons anglers from across North America and even Europe visit our ara. We really are Canada’s premier fishing destination when you consider the number of lakes we have (70,000+), the multiple species of fish you can catch here – Ontario Lake Trout, Ontario Walleye, Ontario BassMuskie Ontario, Ontario Pike, Ontario Crappie,  Ontario Whitefish, Ontario Sturgeon – and the natural beauty of the area. We are relatively close to home for all you fishermen from the U.S. Midwest so if you’ve got the time this spring we’ve got the fish – c’mon up!

Canoe Trips

Our canoe trips will take you on a fully equipped and guided experience that you will not forget. The lakes we take you back to are lakes that most people fly to.
These waters are not heavily fished; they are beautiful remote lakes, with a lot of natural beauty. If you are into canoeing then you will want to experience this adventure!

Ontario Ice fishing

Come fish with us January through March ice fishing Ontario Lake Trout, Ontario Crappies, Ontario Perch, Ontario Pike and Ontario Walleye. For the anglers who is interested in extreme remote ice fishing, you can snowmobile into lakes that you can only fly into in the summer. We can supply all the equipment you need to get to your ice fishing destination. An all inclusive Ontario Ice fishing package, Crow Lake- Lake of the Woods and many other remote lakes. In-Fisherman wrote this in the January 2007 issue….. ( ONTARIO CANADA: LAKE OF THE WOODS ICE FISHING Ice Fishing Crappies and Lake Trout – This can be some of the finest winter crappie ice fishing in North America. Lots of fish surpass the pound mark. Take a day or two to fish for big lake trout, too. Portable shacks allow mobility and comfort, along with great service and lodging at Muskie Bay Resort. Contact: Paul Trinkner at 1-877-228-2076.