Fishing Report 3-8-2015

Had two groups out trout fishing yesterday on back lakes, both groups did well. One group had over 10 fish but only two were over 5 pounds. Everything else were smaller the other group of six guys got nine fish but only two of those were good size over 4 pounds. The depth we been finding lake trout at is between 50 to 60 feet that’s on whitefish or any of the back lakes. After trout fishing group of six went crappie fishing off our landing did fantastic 60 crappies in less than an hour and a half. Ice conditions on Crow lake and the back lakes there is no slush yet. About a foot and a half of snow some drifting but as the snow gets softer the ride will get smoother. All of the lakes have upwards of 25 inches or more of ice no need for an extension


yet. See you on the hard water. Paul Trinkner