January 20, 2013 Ice conditions.

Well, this past weekend has been cold. The cold weather has froze everything up and the conditions for traveling across the ice are great. Getting back into Rowan and some of the portage lakes are good we have enough snow to travel across the portages. I still think snowmobiles work the best but some have brought 4-wheelers and are getting around. I suggest if you have chains for your 4-wheeler bring them with. We caught a few crappies but they were smaller this week than last weeks catch. We are excited about this upcoming weekend it is our annual Thorne Bros. ice fishing extravaganza. If you still want to get in on it we still have opening. I am heading out right now to do some prefishing/scouting before the outting. Give us a call.

And I will see you on the ice.

Nestor Falls, Canada
Crow Lake, Whitefish Bay, Lake of the Woods
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Paul Trinkner