Ontario-Bird-Waterfowl-Hunt  is a major migration flyway for several species of waterfowl, wood ducks, blue bills and mallards, they are abundant in this region during the fall migration. There are also abundant populations of Canadian geese and ground birds such as grouse and partridge.

Extensive beds of wild rice on the many lakes provide important forage for hungry, migrating birds and the ideal setting for a fall waterfowl hunt. Bring your hunting dog and enjoy the natural beauty of the back country areas of Northwest Ontario-Bird-Waterfowl-Hunt. In addition to several species of ducks, there is also an excellent hunting opportunities for Canada Geese and game birds such as Ruffed Grouse. Our large ruffled grouse population is at its high end, we can take you to some remote areas only way to get there is by boat, miles and miles of abandoned mining and logging roads it is an experience of a life time. Muskie Bay Resort offers an all inclusive package, call us today at 877-228-2076.