Pete Matson Group, Mark, Joe and Dick this week.

September 22, today.

The weather went from 86 to 44 in one week, sunny days to rain and talking about snow.

We had 13 guys in for the week and did well from Lake Trout, Bass, Pike and Walleye. They fished almost every lake in the area. South Narrows, Girard, Jesse, Cedar Tree, Whitefish Bay and Stevens Bay both on Lake of the Woods and a course Crow Lake. The guys were from Virginia, Florida, New York, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. The enjoy the variety of experience and adventure each lake provides. And these aren’t  young guys most are retired in there late 60’s or early 70’s. They inspired me to think I too can still hike, climb and fish and get back up and do it again when I get older. So, when I start complaining, I think about them and how they never complained and enjoyed their stay. Until next year thank you for coming.