Thank you everyone for your great comments and we will see you on the lake!
The Trinkners at Muskie Bay Resort

July 28, 2015

Greg Bruss Crow Lake final report,
Back home and working on logging Muskie info and looking at pictures, boy a week can sure go fast! My Dad and I had one of are better trips this year with a total of 25 Muskies in 6.5 days with one of those days getting the hoop! I will blame it on the drop in 30 degree air temp and 8 degree drop in water, but that is Muskie fishing. All in all it was great weather beautiful sun sets and moon rises and a great stay at Muskie Bay Resort.

July 28, 2015

I recently stayed the night at the hotel lodge and let me say what beautiful clean rooms. I look forward in staying over in September and planning a musky trip next opener. My previous fishing camp may have just lost a guest to musky bay. Thank you for the hospitality and I look forward to future fishing at musky bay. Joe filipiak Palos Hills, ILL

June 28th 2015

Hi Paul and Chris forgot to mention how much I enjoyed fishing in the new boat! It was nice! I also want to say thanks for letting us stay in that cabin I really appreciated that! Take care and I look forward to next year!  Dean Barth

June 20, 2015

I Love this place I have been coming here for over 10 years now and I would never go anywhere else!!! Sean Luck

June 9, 2015

We have been going to Muskie Bay since 1976 when we spent our honeymoon there. We would not go anywhere else!  Janice and James Fitkin

March 4, 2015

We had a great time with great friends ice fishing at Muskie Bay Resort. Thank you to Paul and family for making it a successful trip. Steve Ugrich


Awesome place.  Jonathan  Einarson


Thanks Paul, Chris and Jake for another great trip. Look no further than Muskie Bay for great fishing and hospitality. Also a great place to meet other enthusiasts. For the trout fisherman, the ice and travel conditions are the best in years and the trout are aggressive!  Jon Fish

July 9, 2015

Paul & Chris,

Thanks for another great time in Canada. Looking forward to next year.

Here’s the group picture that you asked for. I’ll work on sending you the muskie picture and video this weekend



July 15, 2015

My son and I had an incredible week fishing while staying at Muskie Bay Resort. They were able to provide the locations and suggestions for finding the fish. We also recieved advice in the proper and most successful techniques to use in different areas for different species of fish. The cabins and cleaning shack were clean and very comfortable. The wifi was very reliable and dependable. I even chewed up the prop and it was handled in a very polite and professional manner. A fun place to go. My boy is looking forward to returning for ice fishing. Curt Harrington


November 5-11-2012

Paul & Christine,
Thanks for a great deer hunt. You thought the week of November 5-11 would be a great time to come for good deer movement, you were right on the mark. Your knowledge of the deer in your area, their movements and patterns, is remarkable. Thanks for helping me take the buck of a lifetime! Everything on this hunt was perfect, great guides, terrific food and wonderful accomodations. I am showing my pictures to all my friends and all are envious, some are even asking about coming with me next year. I can’t wait to hunt with you again next year!
Rick Anderson
Brainerd, MN


July 2012

Thanks for a great family vacation. Here are some pics from the week.

God bless and hope to see you soon

July 2012

Thanks Muskie bay for my 3rd great trip of the year!!! Between my dad and I we boated 9 fish between 36″ and 43″ and that doesn’t include the 3 trolling fish we got with Brent Erickson and the many we lose to the famous crow lake muskie head shake or the ones skying out of water hitting are planner boards! This place has it all! From Muskies, pike, lake trout, smallies and the lake of the woods is right across the street for the walleyes and everything else! also I want to thank Brett Erickson and Joe Peterson for all the tips and even taking us out trolling I learned a ton this trip and that’s what it is all about can’t wait to come back! I will sent some pics in the next couple of days.

July 9th 2011

Had a trip of a life time! Last week full moon, good weather 50″,49″,49″,49″,48″ were just some of the monster that we caught last week 16 fish total, 680″ of fish we caught, my dad and I cant wait to come back, this place is monster heaven!

July 19th 2011

Paul and Chris,

Just a quick note to thank you guys again for everything on our recent trip up. Gary and I were impressed with how comfortable you make your guests. We were there three days and felt like we’ve known you forever. The accommodations were better than we could have hoped and the meal service was over the top. I’ve bragged on you to a few friends already. Hope I can send you some business.

Paul, Christine & Crew,

Thanks again
Scott, Greg, Dan

Hi Paul,

Here’s a couple of pictures from our trip. We all had a great time as usual. My son Ethan’s musky keeps getting larger every time he tells the story (takes after his grandfather!).

See you next year!

Chicago, Illinois

Paul and Jake,

Thanks for a great week up fishing. Everything was perfect. Here’s a few pics from the trip.

Thanks again,


I’ve heard from 2 of the 3 boats from our clan and I am the last to report. Attached are 2 of the better fish from a camera full of nice musky pictures. Tony was my boat partner from Kansas City and he caught his first musky ever at 43″, way to start him right! Last few hours of our trip, I landed a dandy on a jig just under 49″ and have a nice release photo attached. Paul and Jacob treated us excellent and put on an awesome pizza feed mid week, nothing like pizza to satisfy some hungry musky guys.

We caught also lots of nice pike, smallies, and a couple trout to round out a great week of fishing. Hope everything is going well down in Wisconsin land!



Hi Paul,

Thanks for all the hospitality last weekend. We had a blast. Attached are the photos of the two 46-inch muskies Bruce and I caught. We put a total of 5 in the boat.

Steve Sanders

Hey, I’ve been a lurker on these forums for a while and never posted so I figured it was time. I just came back from a week long trip to the Nestor Falls area of Ontario. Let me tell you, I had an AWESOME time.

I stayed at the Muskie Bay Resort, which was great to be right on a lake. Paul, the owner, was a great host and truly genuine guy. He gave my friend and I tons of information and great map locations to put us right on the fish. We only fished 2 of the lakes that they offer, but man I couldn’t have asked for a better time. We hooked into some big smallies, nice pike, perch, walleye, and a few lake trout. (my first time ever for the trout)

I can’t wait to go back next year, and I’m already planning my trip. Hopefully someone else is going up that way and can give an update on how the fishing is going in the next couple of weeks. If you get the chance, I highly recommend fishing in this area.

Mike Turack

Aaron / Ohio


11/9/11 Muskie Bay Resort – Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada

When I started my blog I said I would be writing about places for Fish Catching Travel, places I have been, and places I want to travel to. One of my best friends has been going to Muskie Bay Resort in Ontario yearly, and sometimes twice, for over 10 years and it is the real deal. If you have ever considered a trip to Canada, Muskie Bay Resort is the place. Not only has my friend Clyde been going there for years, many of my other friends have gone with him, and none of them has ever had anything but a great trip.

My fishing bucket list includes marlin, done, tarpon, done, big tuna, still on the list though hope to accomplish that in South Africa this July, and a muskie. Clyde has been after me for years to come with him and it just has not worked out. Well this year looks to be the year I make a serious run at catching a muskie.

The lovely Maria with a great Canadian Muskie

Muskie Bay has it all for the traveling fisherman. Want to catch a muskie? This is the place. But it is not just muskie, smallmouth ass can be caught until your arm hurts. Northern Pike are plentiful, some up to 20 lbs. Like crappie for supper, they got them. Walleye are plentiful, and if you want to add lake trout to your catch it is no problem.
Cyde with another nice Pike.

Muskie Bay Resort is a complete resort. From a simple motel room for those who pull the boat, which my friends have done on several occasions, to a complete vacation with meal, boat, and guide provided, they can accommodate any need. And water, there is all the water you could fish in a lifetime. Clyde has been going for years and has barely made a dent in it. Each year he learns something new, sees something new, and catches fish to beat the band.
There are some big things swimming in the lakes around Muskie Bay Resort!

And speaking of bears, there is hunting available and the success rate on bear hunting is very high and extremely affordable. It is very easy to organize a trip where you can catch multiple species of fish in the morning, and bag that bear rug for the den in the afternoon. They also offer deer, waterfowl, and even wolf hunts. Muskie Bay Resort is truly a great destination for the outdoorsman.
How about smallmouth on top water until you are sick of it!

Do you like to top water fish? Just hold on. Spinner bait your thing? Hungry smallmouth, pike, and muskie will oblige. Want to live bait fish? Crappies and walleye are always happy to gobble them up. And if you like to troll, troll till you drop.
Clyde with one of the 3 muskies caught on the week. They average 3 -4 every trip not even concentrating on them.

Muskie Bay Resort is on Crow Lake with over 30,000 acres and near the mighty Lake of the Woods, which has over 65,000 miles of shoreline. That sounds almost ridiculous, 65,000 miles? You can actually get away from the crowds and Clyde has days where he sees few other fishermen. They have fished 4 or 5 different lakes in the area, and put in at several different ramps on Lake of the Woods.
A nice walleye ….. looks like supper to me.

The owners of Muskie Bay Resort, Paul and Chris, are great folks. They are very accommodating and do everything in their power to help you catch fish and have a great stay. Everyone I know who has gone there has been impressed with the hospitality. So if Canada has ever been on your bucket list, or you just want to go to a great place and catch fish, Muskie Bay Resort is the place to go.

If you decide to go, you will cross the border at International Falls in Minnesota. The resort is a 1 1/2 hours north of the border and you can stock up at the town of Nester Falls. If you ever wanted a trip to Canada this is it. I can’t wait!

Check out their website…and tell em Clyde and Fish Catching Travel sent ya! http://www.muskiebayresort.com/

Ontario Fish and Wildlife http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/en/STEL02_168294.html

Information on entering Canada with great links http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1082.html

(Note: These are just a few of the pictures from this year. They are an example of how it goes every year. What a place!)


We enjoyed our recent stay at your resort. Your facilities are wonderful. We look forward to making another trip to Nester Falls soon.

Attached are a couple sunrise and sunset pics I took on Crow Lake.

Thanks Again,