US Guests arriving into Canada

Download the ArriveCAN App. The process of entering Canada has been going well. Many of our US guests that are fully vaccinated and test negative for COVID have entered with little problems, some have crossed multiple times.

You can get a COVID test at your nearest Walgreens for free. Most Urgent cares also provide the COVID test. There are three different places in International Falls, MN . does a test in 15minutes cost is 160.00 and you have to summit to your insurance 320-250-4035. Rainy Lake Medical Center in International Falls 218-598-5158 also does a quick results in 1 hour time. The will submit to your insurance if you do not have insurance the cost is 240.
00. You should get your test prior to coming to the border just incase you have COVID and do not know it. Which recently happened to my US cabin owner neighbor.

ArriveCAN App the port of entry in Fort Frances Bridge Ontario, and our address is 2740 Hwy 71 Muskie Bay Rd Nestor Falls, ON P0X1K0. You can call me Christine Trinkner on my cell at 1-608-469-3644 if you have any questions.

We thank the many guests that have made the choice to be vaccinated and test for COVID to enter Canada and support Muskie Bay Resort. It feels great to be back to work.