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The end of Deer Hunting 2017.

Two good ones at the end of the 2017 deer hunt season. It was the coldest hunt that I could ever remember.

If you are going to come half way across the continent and freeze your butt off you might as well shoot a really big, fat whitetail! That is exactly what these boys from the state of Virginia did. If this ‘fat boy’ (and all the deer in our area are like this) is any indication, we are in for a ‘real’ winter. When they pack on the pounds like this, Mother Nature has told them to get ready because a hard winter is coming. This bodes really well for our ice fishermen and women!

That’s a wrap! After our coldest last week of the hunt in 18 years.

Thank you, all of you for coming and making it a memorable hunting season.

Happy Holidays to all of you and your families. Now on to Ice fishing!!


Snow! Snow and more Snow!

Last week Thursday we had our first major snow storm. The wind, ice and snow knocked out the electricity in the area for about  a week for some people. It was nice to know that we were prepared to weather out the storm. It didn’t stop us from deer hunting. Here are a few more photos of deer caught on camera.

Looking forward to our next group of hunters.

Your guide

Paul Trinkner






First Fall Frost

Had our first frost of the fall on Friday. As most fishermen (especially muskie fishermen) know, the fish activity usually starts to increase after the first heavy frost of the season. Still going to be LOTS of season left the way it looks as our temps aren’t going to cool down much anytime soon. We are open year round so come on up and hunt or fish! Here’s the weather forecast

Open All Year ” We leave the lights on for you.”

Well, many resorts are closing for the season. Not Muskie Bay Resort, we are open all year. So, don’t hesitate to make a reservation for a fall muskie, crappie or walleye trip. Because everything closes up so early this time of year, we have everything you will need or forgot.

We also still have openings for a all inclusive deer hunt, or a hunt on your own. Seeing a lot of chickens this year, which is always fun to add to your deer hunt.

Here’s a little secret! Fish are starting to migrate to their winter locations and are on a feeding binge right now. If you plan on fishing at Muskie Bay Resort this winter on your own, a great tip would be to head up there in the next couple weeks and bring a portable GPS unit to mark your spots. Chances are the hotspots now will be the hotspots in the first part of the ice season.

See you on the water Paul Trinkner


Summer 2017

Well the summer has started off cold, many rain storms and cold fronts came in. The weeds have been slow at coming up, water temps are just warming up the past few days.

Muskie’s are just coming out of transition on Crow Lake. Muskie opener started out well on Crow Lake, most moved to LOTW, Sabaskong Bay towards the end of the week and did well. This up coming week is full moon and we are excited to do some night trolling.

Lake Trout fishing so far trolling has been doing great over jigging.

The pike on sabaskong has been better over whitefish bay. Crow has had some nice pike caught. Walleye seem to be deeper than usual at this time of year. You need to move more from spot to spot. The perch are huge and you have no problem catching them.

Summer has finally arrived and we are looking forward to the warmer weather.

We will see you on the water The Trinkner’s