February 17-20 2022

Want a REAL winter adventure? Come join us in Nestor Falls, Ontario at Muskie Bay Resort and fish the famous waters of Lake of the Woods, Crow Lake and surrounding lakes for lake trout, crappies, perch and everything else this area has to offer. This American Plan trip leaves nobody hungry and the local guides will be bringing us to all the hot spots.
As a group we will decide what we want to do but the basic plan will be as follows:
Show up on Thursday and fish or get your gear ready. Supper will be provided. Friday and Saturday we will get up and have a quick breakfast and hit the water early. Lake Trout will be the primary target early in the day on Crow Lake or it’s surrounding lakes. Conditions will dictate how far we will be able to travel. We will come in for a hot lunch and then head to Lake of the Woods for an afternoon of Crappie fishing. At dark we will come in and have a hot supper. Saturday we will enjoy some of what we have caught and will have fish for supper. Sunday morning we will fish and then head home. Cost for the weekend, 500.00 US

Happy New Year 2021

It has been a while since I have wrote anything.

To be true it has been a difficult year 2020 with the uncertainties. I look forward to 2021 with the vaccines that are now available to see all of my guest from across the border. Let’s stay positive and healthy and we will see everyone sooner.

Happy New Year

From all of us at Muskie Bay Resort

US -Canadian Border

I regret to inform everyone, especially my hunters. We were optimistic to think we might be able to still do the Whitetail Hunt. They have officially closed the border till 21 November. This officially has ended our 2020 season. It’s been a hard year to swallow. It makes 2021 a year to remember. The fish didn’t disappear they’ll just be more of them. Deer will just get bigger. Keep that in your mind and I will look forward to seeing all of you next year. Starting on January 1 hopefully things will get better down in the states and they will allow 2021 ice-fishing season. I truly want to thank my guests for rolling over their deposits and sticking with us. We will remember your loyalty. Please everybody stay safe in and we will see you next year on the water on the ice, or in the bush. Paul Trinkner Muskie Bay Resort

US Canadian Border June 20 it will be open.

The Canadian government announced today that the US Canadian border will remain closed until June 20. Please call us to move your dates ahead. They will open up the borders and we will see each other this year.

We will be open as soon as the government allows us to be essential. We will be able to accommodate our Canadian guest.

Paul Trinkner Muskie Bay Resort 1-877-228-2076

Looking Forward to Spring

Very sad to report that the US Canadian border will temporarily be closed until this virus is under some kind of control. They are projected to be about a month. Feeling a little separated from my family, grandchildren and friends. We were expecting many of you that were going to make it up for the last few weeks of ice fishing.

The good news is I still get to go fishing, wish many of you could join me. Soon I hope, stay well.
Paul Trinkner