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Guide Jake Trinkner 2019














Crow Lake- Lake Of The Woods

Muskie Bay Resort



My son Jake Trinkner has been guiding on and off for almost 18 years.

The last 5 years he has been guiding all year including through the ice for all species of fish. He also Guides Hunts, Deer, small game and Wolf.

Jacob has had some interesting careers over the years.  He has traveled to the country of Greenland, Norway, Svalbard and all over Canada. He has countless stories of his travels and many include fish stories. He love first his family and then guiding.

Jake always starts the summer season a bit nervous, he takes guiding seriously and as we all know it is fishing not catching. It is meeting new people and working around the weather. Also, working with guest that aren’t always experienced. So, the odds are not always in his favor, to catch fish.

Well, Jakes season has started out well and he is almost cocky. But everyone that knows Jake he is humble. Here are just a few of Jakes guiding success so far, from May 20, June 15.


2019 bank fishing!

The Hauschildt and Esanbock family have been coming to Muskie Bay Resort, Crow Lake for 50 plus years. This is the week they all come to bank fish Lake Trout. Some years are better than other years. But it is the bond that they have and the memories that they have made. Thank you for coming and sharing your photos with us.


Nancy gets a nice fish

Saved the rod and net

View of docks from cabins 8 and 9.

Opening for Trout Opener

LOTW ice on Stevens Bay is 10 inches, I have been out doing some fishing this past week. We just got back from the New Fargo Ice Show and we were also at the Duluth Ice Fishing Show this past weekend.

12-10-2018 We now have a day house on the ice, we have drove out on LOTW and plowed a ice road.

Crow Lake looks like it froze over on the 6th Of December. We are good for January 1 2019 season to begin.

This year we are offering a light menu of burgers, FF and homemade pizza from 5-9 pm. We will still have our normal American Plan served at 7:00 am breakfast and dinner at 5:00. We also have a heated, well lite fishing cleaning house outside and still our inside facilities.

We have an opening Jan 1st- 10 for 6 pp.  Opening for 5 pp Jan 7-13. We have the double side cabin available from Jan 24-28. Call for openings during the week. We have several openings from Jan 7-10; Jan 14-17; Jan 21-24. Call for February and March openings.

Give us a call at 1-877-228-2076 or 608-469-3644 call or message my cell.

We will see you on the hard water

Paul Trinkner

Muskie Bay Resort



Remember this?

We will start putting a few things away as we approach, yes the winter season. We will start scouting for the 2018 hunt and look forward to seeing snow and think ice fishing. Difficult to believe how winter comes up so fast here in Nestor Falls. One day 86 the next 44 and sleet. We love the diversity.


Pete Matson Group, Mark, Joe and Dick this week.

September 22, today.

The weather went from 86 to 44 in one week, sunny days to rain and talking about snow.

We had 13 guys in for the week and did well from Lake Trout, Bass, Pike and Walleye. They fished almost every lake in the area. South Narrows, Girard, Jesse, Cedar Tree, Whitefish Bay and Stevens Bay both on Lake of the Woods and a course Crow Lake. The guys were from Virginia, Florida, New York, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. The enjoy the variety of experience and adventure each lake provides. And these aren’t  young guys most are retired in there late 60’s or early 70’s. They inspired me to think I too can still hike, climb and fish and get back up and do it again when I get older. So, when I start complaining, I think about them and how they never complained and enjoyed their stay. Until next year thank you for coming.