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Summer 2017

Well the summer has started off cold, many rain storms and cold fronts came in. The weeds have been slow at coming up, water temps are just warming up the past few days.

Muskie’s are just coming out of transition on Crow Lake. Muskie opener started out well on Crow Lake, most moved to LOTW, Sabaskong Bay towards the end of the week and did well. This up coming week is full moon and we are excited to do some night trolling.

Lake Trout fishing so far trolling has been doing great over jigging.

The pike on sabaskong has been better over whitefish bay. Crow has had some nice pike caught. Walleye seem to be deeper than usual at this time of year. You need to move more from spot to spot. The perch are huge and you have no problem catching them.

Summer has finally arrived and we are looking forward to the warmer weather.

We will see you on the water The Trinkner’s



1-15-2017 Ice Conditions


    Dave’s nice trout
-40 this past weekend
Come see me at the All Canada Show in Green Bay Jan 19-22
Good Ice and Snow Conditions 1-14-2017







To Start off, Packer’s won!!! Packer- Cowboy game!!

It has been an interesting weekend with temperatures at -40 F to 21F above this evening 1-15-2017. We had a full camp and minimal breakage of equipment. Fun was had by all and what happens in Canada stays in Canada. I few fish were caught and I have to say the ice and snow conditions were good.

Shrum’s Ice Road in Nestor Falls has reopened! And the crappie bite is on.

I am at the All Canada Show this weekend in Green Bay,WI and Jake and Chris will be at the lodge to handle any and all things. As always I prefer to be at home, trade shows are important for us to promote our business. So, if you happen to be in the area of Green Bay this weekend give me a call 1-608-469-3644 my cell or stop in at the show.

Our annual Crow Lake ice outting is coming up Jan 25-28 2017 and we still have openings give us a call at 1-877-228-2076. It is always a fun time and we give prizes away.

I hope to see everyone soon on the hard water

Paul Trinkner

Muskie Bay Resort





Crow Lake Ice Conditions 12-17-2016


Well, it is that time of year. The time of year I look forward to. I get a bit anxious waiting for the water to get hard. Crow lake looks froze over as far as I can see. Not quite ready to adventure out on yet. LOTW is froze over now for about a week. I have seen crazy people out on 4 wheelers. I think I will just dream a bit longer and maybe by next week I will have to venture out. We are very cold today! Making ice.

See you on the hard water

Paul Trinkner